Nephelium – Coils of Entropy

Thursday, 16 February 2012 03:36

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you “Coils of Entropy” by death metal band Nephelium. These guys have an interesting story in that Alex and Alan started out in Dubai and then moved to…Toronto. Yeah, not exactly a short trip that one. Probably a smart move from a career perspective though, as they are sure to have greater exposure and touring opportunities. I always love to hear about metal coming out of the Middle East; it’s too bad bands from certain countries really have to migrate elsewhere in order to make a career of metal. But at least they are making metal.

“Coils of Entropy” combines complexity and brutality into death metal that knocks you on your ass, holds you down and then flaunts its shredding skill in your face. A lot of bands that play this brutal come with a sound quality the equivalent of mud mixed with white noise, but not these guys, no sir. The music has a bit of an old school death metal vibe with a modern technical flair. Did I really just say flair? What is this “Office Space?” No, not that kind of flair. The vocals are one of the most difficult death vox styles (in my opinion) to pull off well. Devlin Anderson uses that low, wet, scraping across the sidewalk style of vocal that in most cases annoys the crap out of me. But perhaps because everything else sounds so good it just fits really well and I enjoy it. He throws in some other styles as well, but that seems to be the majority of the vocals.

The production is pretty good. I think maybe they need to get this bad boy mastered because while the tracking sounds great I’ve got the volume cranked up to about 85% to hear this at my usual listening volume. Usually I hang out at around 50%.

This is definitely not your average death metal album. Aside from the things I’ve already mentioned, the lead guitar work also sticks out as not-your-typical death metal frenzy. While it fits these songs, some of these leads could just as easily be heard in metal much less brutal and not seem out of place.

Check out Nephelium on Facebook, ReverbNation or head over and pick up the album on iTunes.

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