Page Is Retired


Hail to all our brothers and sisters of metal around the world!

A year and a half ago I expanded Metal Disciple to include the Metal Heads Podcast with my good friend and metal brother, Buke. Since then we have also come to include our new metal brother, Jay. In the past year I haven't spent much time on Metal Disciple because the podcast was taking up a lot of my time and the existing Metal Disciple site was not mobile friendly.

Today I am proud to announce that I have finished a new project which combines both the Metal Disciple and Metal Heads content in one brand new, mobile friendly site. The new site is called METALHEADS and will include the old reviews and writings from Metal Disciple as well as all the podcasts from the old Metal Heads site.

I will leave this page up for awhile so all our old friends can find their way. So, in the meantime please feel free to make your way to the new site and bookmark it for future reference. Please drop us an email or a tweet and let us know what you think of the new site.